Training Aids (3 articles)
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PS501 Jump Assist by Symons The Jump Assist is a perfect flexible aid to help working on a relaxing connection with your horse. The  Jump Assist is a perfect aid to support your horse at the showground or in training. Easy to attach on your martingale or brestplate but with the same functionality of the Full Jump Assist.
Also fit to use in the warm-up arena…
PS502 Full Jump Assist by Symons The Full Jump Assist is a one-piece assisting piece. This exceptional training aid helps with a better connection between horse and rider. The Full Jump Assist is an ideal tool to help with your training at home.

With horse welfare in mind this martingal combined rein provides a better contact with your horse while the horse has a better feeling of your aids. This without over restricting your horses’ movements.
PS503 Magic Longe by Symons Longing exercises are a perfect training for your horse. It keeps your horse motivated as well as relaxed while training. The Magic Longe helps your horse use his body in training. It motivates the workflow of your horse without forcing any ‘wanted flexibility’.

It is an all-in aid that helps your horse to relax and work with its own body.