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165 Bridle ROSE - rose gold buckles Model ROSE is, as the name implies, finished with rose gold. You will find this in the browband as well as in the buckles. The crank noseband with flash strap is finished with patent leather and has a wide padding. 
Bridle comes with non-slip reins. 165_1
166 Bridle BROWNIE gripp reins Bridle BROWNIE has a wide crank noseband with flash and is cut out at the corners of the mouth. 
The browband is finished with 8mm stones in various shades of rose and violet. 
The bridle comes with non-slip reins.
Black = ss buckles
Choco = brass buckles  166_1
LE002 Bridle "Dreaming Blue" cranck noseband Bridle in buffalo leather with anatomical head band and cranck noseband padded with blue leather.
Browband has white/black/blue stones. With nickles buckles and grip reins.  LE002