HEADCOLLARS (10 articles)
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201 Headcollar leather - padded with nameplate Leather halter with padded head and noseband, brass nameplate and buckles. 201
205 Head collar leather ´Fancy´ - padded Leather halter with padded nose and head band and fancy stitches, brass buckles.  205
209 Head collar New Pro Padded leather halter with fancy stitches, brass buckles and adjustable at 3 places and with quick closing. 
210 Lead chain ´New Pro´ leather Lead chain with brass chain and handle 210
211.01F Nylon grooming halster met touw FS zwart Portugese model halter in nylon with leather finsh  211
212 Halter and lead Arezzo Leather halter of whit cheekpieces and noseband finished with woven rope. Adjustable at 2 places and with quick closing. Including matching lead rope with leather stopper. 212
213 Headcollar MINI adjustable Leather padded halter for foals or small pony's
black = ss buckles
nut brown = brass buckles 213
214 Halter SOFT padded leather - brass buckles Leather halter with extra soft padding. White stitching and brass buckles.  214.01
215 Halter Nylon / Fleece Nylon halter in combination with fleece fabric.  215NA
LE102.01P Halter ROSADO rosé gold buckles PONY is the only available size

This halter made in buffalo leather with the noseband and antomical head band padded in soft Nappa leather,  finished with lacquer piping. The halter not only has rose-gold buckles but also crystals on the sides. LE102